Working Out as a Getaway?

Exercise brings peace to your mind, body and spirit.

I'm guessing that the words "working out" and "getaway" are not harmonious in most peoples' minds. After all, working out is hard whereas a getaway should be enjoyable. But the main purpose of a getaway is to find relaxation for yourself.  

Did you know that it has been proven time and time again that while you are exercising, you are releasing euphoric chemicals into your system that cause the feeling of happiness and also relieve stress? So while you are sweating off those pounds, you are actually relieving as much stress as a great massage, with the side benefit of slimming down just in time for bathing suit weather.

There are several gyms in the Lake Zurich area that you can take advantage of to get started on your road to peace - inside and out. Plus, many have classes or offer short session workouts, so there is something for everyone in your own backyard. A few are:

  • at 538 North Rand Road,
  • at 291 South Rand Road, and
  • at 1025 Old McHenry Road.

So why not grab a few girlfriends and make it a weekly date to workout together? You deserve a getaway for the mind, body and spirit. Enjoy!


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