Sean Killian
When I was in third grade, my english teacher had written on my report card that I was an "interesting child who never ran out of things to say."  While I took the comment as an insult at the time... I believe it does ring true with me today.  I am interested in all aspects of the world, and love to share what I learn with others. 
I did most of my growing up in Elburn, Illinois - a small farmtown about an hour west of Lake Zurich. The years spent staring at rows of corn in a town with a populous of about 2,000 made me excited to move to a more urban area like Lake Zurich and the surrounding community. Being a senior at Lake Zurich High School is very time consuming. On the off chance that I am not behind a statistics textbook or cramming for a government exam, I can typically be found playing my beloved piano or hanging out with my friends.
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