Fundraiser This Weekend To Help Children Of Single Parents

The Expect a Miracle Foundation will hold its annual bowling event at Brunswick Zone.

Over the past decade, the Lake Zurich-based Expect a Miracle Foundation has helped more than 5,000 children participate in various extracurriculars that their single-parent households would not have been able to afford.

On Aug. 13, the foundation will hold its annual bowling event at Brunswick Zone to raise money to help more children across the country.

"I was a single parent," said Carolyn Gable, founder of Expect a Miracle. “As a single parent, you just can't do it. There's no money. It's very, very difficult to be a single parent, especially today."

She decided to start the Expect a Miracle Foundation to help these children because they seemed to be a segment of the population that nobody else was really helping, said Gable, president/CEO of New Age Transportation, Distribution & Warehousing Inc.

"When you have been given a lot, then you are expected to give a lot," said Gable. "It's the gift that just keeps on giving."

Children who receive money from the Expect a Miracle Foundation are expected to do two things: pay it forward and write a thank-you note. The latter is truly special, said Gable, especially when she receives letters from children who say they weren't able to participate in a sport or activity before Expect a Miracle helped.

"That's what it's all about," said Gable.

Tomorrow's event, slated for 6 to 11 p.m. at Brunswick Zone, will feature cosmic bowling, food, prizes and a cash raffle. Gable said 240 tickets were available for bowling, and as of late Thursday, 220 already had been reserved. Tickets are $70 per couple or $35 for an individual. She added that people can attend and not bowl.

"It's a lot of fun," said Gable. "A hundred percent of the money goes to the foundation."

For more information, call 1-847-545-1157.

Donations also can be made on the Expect a Miracle Foundation website.


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