Obesity, the new leprosy?

February 8, 2013

I hope you are paying attention to the news.  Governor Christopher J. Christie’s weight is getting a lot of press.  Recently, a physician who cared for President Clinton went on record saying that she feared for Governor Christie’s health due to his obvious obesity.

Prior to her remarks, the Governor had taken comments on this weight in stride.  His two donut skit on Letterman was marvelous.  Things changed when Clinton’s ex-doc commented publicly that she was afraid the Governor would die in office.  Governor Christie fired back, rightfully condemning her for prognosticating on his health despite the fact that she had never examined him or reviewed his medical records.

Why am I writing about this?  As the medical profession abandons the “individual” care model of medicine for the government backed “herd” model of medicine, medical decisions will be made on a societal level and the first segment of society to be culled from the herd will be the obese.   

I believe that obesity will become the new leprosy of medicine.  The Governor of New Jersey may well be healthy.  Unfortunately for him, he has been branded as obese and his weight has become a public issue with unexpected repercussions.  The Governor stated that his son, having heard the doctor’s comments, asked him if he was going to die.  What good comes for scaring the Governor’s son?

The obesity crisis is a crisis created by the government and the media.  Like many crisis, there will be unexpected fallout.  Today, I cared for a delightful young female who was concerned about her weight.  Her BMI was 25 (in the healthy range).  Her blood pressure was excellent, as was her cholesterol and blood sugar.

“Doc, what should my ideal weight be?”

Doc – “You are at your ideal weight.  You are healthy.  Your numbers are perfect!’

“But doc, I weigh too much.  What can I do to be healthier?”

She is one of many healthy people who have been sold a false bill of goods.  She is physically and nutritionally healthy but hurting emotionally due to her poor body image created by our national obesity crisis and the marketing of diets, supplements and “thin” as healthy.  What a pity!

Yes, obesity plays a major role in many disorders but there are healthy obese individuals.  I would venture to say that, regardless of your health status, being obese will be a detriment to your wellbeing in the future.  Get healthy now, and shed a few pounds every year.  It can’t hurt!

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Erik Lambertsen February 09, 2013 at 02:03 PM
It's good to see Dr. Segal's blog again. Thanks Patch editors!


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