Lake Zurich Flames to Play in Superbowl Championship

Two Lake Zurich Flames youth football teams will play in the championship games Saturday.

The Lake Zurich Flames Mac 10 Middleweight and the Pac 10 Featherweight Pac 10 Orange teams will play in the Youth Superbowl Championship on Saturday. 

The Featherweights will play an away game at 10 a.m. in McHenry.

The Middleweights will play a home game at 5:30 p.m. in Lake Zurich.

Three boys will also go to The Chicago Youth Football League Punt Pass and Kick Championsip on Sunday at Carmel High School. They are JOsh Dyer, Austin Krause, and Joey Little.

Read what the coaches say about these teams:

Coach Gregg Johnson, Featherweight Pac 10 Orange

What makes this team special?

Overall it's a great group of boys, coaches as well as parents. It's been fun to see how we evolved as team. We started off 0-2; we lost the first two and haven't lost since.

That's due to the coaches hard work, players hard work, and the support of parents.

We have fun with the kids. We do events off the field like going to a Northwestern football game. Everyone helps the kids have fun and do well.

Winning is one part, but having fun and learning is what's really important.

The season started the second week of July, so it's been a commitment over a long period of time."

Are you looking forward to the game?

I'm looking forward to the kids having fun and looking forward to the great recongnition for them. Whether we win or lose, it should be fun.

Team members are: Tyler Johnson, Justin  McKenna, Justin Quast, Thomas Vages, Patrick O'Malley, Luke Baldaccini, Max Meyer, Eli Ethridge, Tyler Gregoire, Hunter Roben, Jeremy Kamman, Anthony Mangano, Andrew Miller, Mason Andrews, David Dayer, Justin Kutsor, Anthony  L. Baldaccini, Nicholas Soto, Cole McKellar, Jamison Horning, and Spiros Pissios.            

Coaches are: Gregg Johnson, Head Coach; Kevin Quast, Defense coordinator; Mark Vages, Offense Coordinator; Jeff Mangano, Defense coach and line coordinator; Gerard Gregoire, Defense back Coach; Doug Kamman, Special Teams Coach; Tom Meyer, Offensive coach.

Coach Christian Wollard, Mac 10 Middleweight

What makes this team special?

What makes this team so special is the effort, energy and enthusiasm each players brings to the team day in and day out.  This became apparent back in "training camp" when the roster was finalized and the players started working together as a unit.  It has continued ever since.  The players enjoy each other's company, have fun together, and are very coach-able.  With any youth sport...this is key!  Yes, they are all talented football players, but it's their enjoyment playing the game that seems to have taken them to a higher level. 

As a coaching staff we try to make "having fun" a priority.  The team feeds off this positive energy.  Hopefully, we can do it one more time....this Saturday...in the Superbowl!!! 

The "good sportsmanship" exhibited by the players is frequently commented upon.  We've received many compliments from opposing teams and referees in reference to this important trait.  This is the one area where I'm most proud of our players.


Is there a highlight of the season? 

One particular highlight that stands out is when our team was chosen to play in the T.C.Y.F.L.'S "Game of the week."  This is an honor league officials bestow upon teams having success, as well as ones they believe will create a good match up against an opposing, also successful, team.  The game was broadcast live on an  Internet feed, which enabled family, friends and other "fans" to watch the team  at home and from other far away locations.

Each player was introduced during a pre-game ceremony in the center of the field.  The players really seemed to get a kick out of hearing the broadcasters mention their name, as well as read off text messages they received from people watching the game, in reference to what was occurring both on and off the field. 

While the result wasn't what we had hoped for-our only loss of the season, the overall experience was fantastic.  All the players and coaches really enjoyed this opportunity.  The best part is that our opponent in the Superbowl, Huntley, is the team we lost to in this game.  That means just one thing.....REMATCH!!!

Team members are Robert Hinsberger, Alex Dove, Jason Ims, Jason Wollard, George Gritsonis, Anthony Palamara, Matt Mescha, Brian Strybel, Jack Moses, Addison McGrath, Luke Dwyer, Matt Zawilenski, Jacob Loch, Justin Wollard, Quinn Morrissey, Joey Zolnierek, Ethan Grinnip, and Bobby Smith.

Good luck Flames!

Traci Lemke November 10, 2012 at 01:36 AM
The Lake in the Hills/ Algonquin Jr Golden Eagles football also have 3 teams playing in the Superbowl as well- they will be playing at Carmel HS on Saturday evening at 5:30pm, and Sunday morning and afternoon at Barrington HS


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