Chicago Bears Youth Football Camp Coming to LZ

Registration is now open.

With former Chicago Bears like Robin Earl, Allan Ellis, Kris Haines, Al Harris, Jim Morrissey and Mickey Pruitt providing support, Chicago Bears Youth Football Camps will return this summer to over 28 locations, including a camp in Lake Zurich at the

Chicago Bears Youth Football Camps provide non-contact instruction to kids from ages 6 to 14.  

With professional coaches and Chicago Bears heroes, kids learn to run, throw, catch, defend and compete the Bears way. All programs provide football non-contact instruction, athletic skill development, fitness and agility training.

“We are a great place for kids to learn football in a safe, well-structured environment,” said Executive Director Tom Finks. “Experienced players benefit from our Accelerated Skills program. Newcomers gain skills and confidence from our Comprehensive Skills program. And we even host a significant number of kids that use our camps to cross-train for sports like hockey and baseball.”

Chicago Bears Youth Football Camps trained over 2,000 kids last summer. Bears Youth Camps plan to expand program options to meet the needs of even more kids this summer.

“We will be announcing three new programs after the first of the year," said Finks. "The Chicago Bears have tremendous resources and are truly committed to teaching kid through football.”

The Lake Zurich Camp is Mon. July  16 - Fri. July 20, 9am-3pm.  The price is $399

Visit www.BearsCamps.com or Call 312-226-7776.

This information was provided by Chicago Bears Youth Football Camps.


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