'Grinding' Dance Prohibited at LZHS

Lake Zurich High School administration says sexually explicit dancing is unacceptable at school sponsored dances.


The administration has issued new rules for student dances and has prohibited “grinding” back-to-front dancing at school functions.

The new rule comes in time for the Lake Zurich High School homecoming dance to be held Saturday, Oct. 6.

Lake Zurich High School sent a letter to parents and students explaining the new dance rules.

The letter said the new rules were in response to students who said they feel uncomfortable with the style of dancing and parents and teachers who voiced their concerns. 

The letter says “grinding” has become increasingly popular at school dances and provides a graphic description for parents.

In response to the new rules, a group of students decided to run a separate dance on Oct. 6.  According to the group’s Facebook page, “The Real LZ Homecoming,” the dance was to be held at the Lake Barrington Field House. However, the Field House management decided against hosting the dance. Ryan Miller, Lake Barrington Field house manager, announced to Patch on Friday night: "Due to many challenges with the event and some conversations with staff at LZHS, the Lake Barrington Field House will not be hosting an alternative dance or event . . ."

 Stevenson provides very specific rules regarding girls dresses and very specific prohibitions against grinding and other dance moves.

Grayslake High School administration sends letters to parents of teenagers reminding kids of appropriate dance behavior.

High schools across the country have been dealing with the issue of inappropriate dancing, for a couple of years. According to msnbc.com, Pacific Hills School in West Hollywood threatened to turn up the lights and play Burt Bacharach if students started to grind. Other schools are requiring students to sign contracts geared toward eliminating “lewd contact”

Editor's note: This article was updated on Sept. 15 to include information from Lake Barrington Field House that the venue will not a host an alternative homecoming dance. 


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KG September 17, 2012 at 05:22 AM
I am agree that both Facebook and many of these opinions are becoming excessively belligerent. To say dumb keeps getting dumber and you are totally ignorant has no place in open dialogue. When you disagree with the children you say you are teaching to be moral and to make adult choices, what do you call them...idiots? We live in a country where we can agree to disagree without being abusive. I personally don't want people dirty dancing in front of me, but there is the choice to move away and the right of the school and chaperones to call the culprits out and ask them to stop or to leave. Come on, people, at least discuss this like adults instead of deciding that everyone must agree with you or they are idiots, immoral, uneducated, bad parents etc. what happened to open polite debate at a school board hearing? Grow up.
Bob September 17, 2012 at 02:26 PM
You're right we shouldn't give our children a free pass to do it! We should send the message that "sexuality" is inappropriate, and force them to do it on their own time where there isn't supervision. Last time I checked and if you are unaware, people wear clothes when they "grind." I'm no doctor but I'd imagine it’s pretty hard to get someone pregnant while wearing clothes, maybe you have experienced otherwise. It's ignorant to think that if you prevent "grinding" children will be better people. If you're fighting over something as stupid as "grinding" them maybe you should take some of your own advice. Focus your time on solving world hunger, abuse, or perhaps parenting. As for the dress codes regardless of what people wear, guess what? People will act like thugs and sluts and people have the "choice" to make their decisions. Instead of focusing on "grinding" spend it on making sure your children make the right choices. I've met those who were raised by force they turn into… see above i.e. sluts and thugs.
CJ September 29, 2012 at 07:42 PM
I have been told by a high school teacher (at a nearby HS) that she has personally found undies and used condoms on the dance floor after dances she has chaperoned. She has to push in the middle of large grinding crowds to break up the worst of the offenders like a bouncer! It's very hard to listen to her numerous stories (yes there are More!) and wonder how HS will be for my kids. These are NOT college students over 18, they are 14-17 year olds who need to make proper choices and need help doing so sometimes. I realize that most children aren't involved in the above behaviors but how would you like to watch that all night and then clean up after it? My teacher friend certainly doesn't want to and she wears herself out trying to keep it from being obscene. My question to the parents & teens who defend this type of dance is ... What kind of dancing will you want your grandchild or child to defend in the years ahead? I can't even imagine how much worse the dancing can get! It's foreplay on the dance floor! And PLEASE let's not pretend it isn't! I know teens CAN dance and have fun without the grinding!! It's been done before! ;)
Samuel Kee October 05, 2012 at 02:31 AM
I am in full support of the administration's decision; great job protecting our kids and community and leading the way in this decision. After learning about this controversy, I decided to write an article titled, "Top Ten Reasons Why Not to Grind at Homecoming." For those interested, here's the link: http://samuelkee.com/2012/09/20/top-ten-reasons-why-not-to-grind-at-homecoming/
DD October 21, 2012 at 12:56 AM
FYI. The alternative dance was held on October 6th at the American Legion Hall. 200 tickets sold. Many students left or were thrown out of the school dance and attended the alternative dance. The LZHS chaperones were ridiculous in walking between the students, not allowing anyone to touch. Why have a dance, if you can't dance and charge the students $20-30 to attend. The alternative dance chaperones did not find the dancing offensive at all. American Legion would invite them back again. All well behaved, respectful students with no incidents. $900 was raised that has been donated to various charities.


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