Staff Reorganization Saves Lake Zurich $115,000

Village aims to increase efficiency; park director position eliminated and recreation manager added.


The Lake Zurich village board agreed to a reorganization of village staff that will result in about $115,000 in savings, at Monday’s village board meeting.

Village Administrator Jason Slowinski said the restructuring, along with other cost saving measures and new revenue, approved Monday, have resulted in significant savings for taxpayers.

“Those three actions tonight, we have saved the village almost one-quarter of a million dollars; that’s over a million, 1.2 million over the next five years and we haven’t impacted resident in terms of service,” Slowinski said. The three actions he referred to were the staff reorganization, a contract for dispatch service to Island Lake, and a new copier lease that resulted in a 50 percent savings over the previous lease.

Slowinski said village staff is continuing to seek ways to be more efficient and save money.

The staff restructuring includes changing the position of parks director ($128,800 per year) to recreation manager ($101,900) for a savings of about $26,900. The park director position was vacant since Michael Perkins left last summer. 

During public comment, Mary Mihelic, park and recreation advisory board member, stated that staff change was eliminating the parks department and asked for a clarification of the changes. 

“We’re not closing the park and recreation department; we’re making a job description change . . . park and recreation is not going away,” Trustee Tom Poynton said. He explained that maintenance of parks has been shifted to the public works department, which paved the way for the change. 

Slowinski said the reorganization resulted in the loss of a job for two employees, the network administrator and the MIS assistant. The village recently hired an IT director and other technology functions are being outsourced. The savings is about $10,000.

The planning manager in building and zoning resigned, recently, and the position was eliminated ($123,500). The village planner position was created ($87,500). The savings is $36,000.

Other changes were made in already vacant positions. 

The assistant finance director position ($115,300) was eliminated and accounting supervisor created ($91,900) for a savings of about $23,400. 

The executive assistant position ($103,450) was eliminated and the management analyst position ($84,750) was created for a savings of about $18,700.



Vortex February 07, 2013 at 07:57 PM
There are plenty of qualified candidates who are happy to have a job and will do great; we don't need a bunch of $250,000 salaries like they do in the north shore suburbs (Glenview, Lake Forest, Highland Park, etc.) The last thing we need is another taxing authority like a park district on our tax bills. That's just another bureaucracy, more inefficiency, more waste, more money out of the pockets of residents. With a bankrupt state and nation, why on earth would you propose even more spending on government? There is no shortage of parks in Lake Zurich and Lake County, and all sorts of recreation opportunities here and in surrounding communities. Now is the time to run a lean machine and do only what absolutely has to be done, as economically as possible.
Kelli Dietz February 08, 2013 at 03:43 PM
$103,450 for an executive assistant position? WOW. That's just insanity.
robert February 11, 2013 at 12:04 AM
what positions in private industry pay these kinds of inflated salaries?
Vortex February 11, 2013 at 01:54 AM
None do, but the village employees have a fully funded guaranteed pension for life, and Cadillac health insurance. Back in the day, government jobs were desirable only because of the benefits, but the salary sucked. Now, we have the same caliber of bureaucrat mentalities, but they earn big bucks PLUS all those benefits.
Disgruntled February 11, 2013 at 10:18 PM
The dumbest thing is to create another taxing body. Yes, Res 225, you can take that personally. So much needs to be done, so little has been done. The mayor has never put forth a real agenda, yet she objected to not renewing contracts of 2 incompetent administrators. The only thing the trustees should be blamed for is allowing her to get away with it.


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