Lake Zurich One Step Closer to Medical Marijuana Distribution

Under the proposal, there are only six properties in Lake Zurich eligible to distribute medical marijuana, according to the Chicago Tribune.

There are no locations within Lake Zurich that would allow for the cultivation of marijuana under the state’s locational requirements for its Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act, according to the Lake Zurich Courier Times.

This means that while medical marijuana could be sold in the village of Lake Zurich under the new law, the drug could not be grown here since there are no locations more than 2,500 feet from a residential property in the village, which is a requirement under the new law, according to the article. 

During a Lake Zurich plan commission meeting on Wednesday, commissioners approved a proposal limiting medical marijuana dispensaries to the village's industrial zone and bumped up its "buffer zones" from the dispensaries to be 1,500 feet from parks, religious institutions, playing fields, forest preserves and residential property, according to the Chicago Tribune. The state statute calls for only 1,000 feet between dispensaries and those locations, according to the article. 

Under the proposal, there are only six properties in Lake Zurich eligible to distribute medical marijuana, according to the Chicago Tribune. 

Read more on the Lake Zurich Courier News or the Chicago Tribune.  


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