Ela Tax Reform Party Would Adopt Naperville Township Tax Rebate Idea

Plan returns excess tax money to residents.


The Ela Tax Reform Party today announced their support for the township tax abatement passed by Naperville Township.   Based on an ordinance passed last week, Naperville Township will abate $500,000 in excess property taxes collected. Members of the Ela Tax Reform Party slate pledge to reduce the township’s excess reserve fund and abate up to $2 million in property taxes.  “If there is no plan or need for the funds, an abatement is meaningful to all residents and the fiscally responsible thing to do”, says Supervisor candidate, Barbara Evans.

Evans said based on information received from Ela Township, there should be over $5 million in surplus accumulated at the end of this fiscal year which is well over a year’s worth of expenses.  Each Ela Tax Reform Party candidate supports implementing a plan to reduce the township's reserve fund and abate unneeded property taxes.  “After returning excess tax money to residents, the township will still have enough funds to enhance programs for youth, seniors, shut-ins and other residents in need,” Assessor candidate Wayne Wnek said in support of the tax abatement idea.

Ela Tax Reform Party candidates include Barbara Evans for Supervisor, Wayne Wnek for Assessor, Paul Jankowski for Clerk, Randy Abbott for Highway Commissioner and Trustee candidates Vaseem Iftekhar, Mike Jennings, Tony Lombardo, and Nancy Shepherdson.  More information about the Ela Tax Reform Party and candidates may be found at www.elareform.org.


This news release was submitted by the Ela Tax Reform Party.


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