Ela Tax Reform Party Files Objection to Incumbent Petitions

Candidate questions addresses of some of the people who signed the petition.



The Ela Tax Reform Party, challengers to the incumbent Ela First Party, filed a formal objection with the Ela Township Clerk, Jan. 3.  The objection alleges that Ela First will not have enough signatures of eligible voters to remain on the ballot after questionable signatures are removed from their petitions.

“We very reluctantly took this step when we noticed that some of the people who had allegedly signed the Ela First petitions had moved from the addresses written on the petition years ago,” said Ela Tax Reform Party supervisor candidate Barbara Evans. “We think it is important for the election board to examine these signatures and others of a questionable nature to determine whether the Ela First Party properly handled its petitions.”

Jan. 3 was the last day to file objections to candidates and slates who filed petitions for the April 9, 2013 Consolidated election.  The chief judge of Lake County will be responsible for appointing at least two members of the Ela Election Board to rule on this matter.  Ordinarily, three Ela Township elected officials would hear such cases, but it is their petitions being challenged, which creates a conflict of interest.

The Ela Tax Reform Party is running on a platform that focuses on transparency, responsibility and partnerships to help Ela Township government do its job better and more efficiently.  As township officials, the party would open its operations to interested citizens, encouraging more participation (transparency).  They would also take responsibility to reduce wasteful expenditures while always looking for ways to serve the needs of Ela Township better.  Finally the slate, if elected, expects to pursue partnerships with other government agencies and non-profits to reduce duplications in services, as well as serving a broader audience of seniors, young people and families.

The Ela Tax Reform Party is running as a slate with Barbara Evans as Township Supervisor, Randy Abbott as Highway Commissioner, Paul Jankowski as Clerk, Wayne Wnek as Assessor,  Mike Jennings as Trustee, Nancy Shepherdson as Trustee, Vaseem Iftekhar as Trustee, and Nick Buris as Trustee.

This news release was submitted by the Ela Tax Reform Party.



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