Ela First Party Announces Candidates

Lucy Prouty slate stresses experience.

Seven incumbents and one newcomer will be running as  the Ela 1st Party slate in the coming Township election according to Ela Township Supervisor, Lucy Prouty.  Bringing many years of service to Ela Township government, the slate offers voters both years of experience and  eyes to the future.  “Our job is to continue bring the best services  to our population with the assurances that our present Board offers.  Transparency by way of televised meetings and the monthly financial reports available to all on the Website assure citizens of answers to any questions which might arise.” 

With over 3000 contacts at the community center a month, the Board feels confident it has the pulse of the Township well in hand.  Senior Director has successfully arranged the transition from the former Foglia YMCA facility to the new Community Center.  The Center which was formerly the U.S. Post Office, has over 10,000 square feet and since the move in March , participation has more than doubled.  Included in the increased use are children from 4 up to seniors over 90, according to Prouty. 

“The Social Worker meets with or talks to over 800 people a month and helps with a myriad of needs including troubled teens, geriatric problems, abuse, grief counseling, financial advice, children’s programs and many more”, Prouty  says. 

Classes for all ages, services for all people and a place to visit and converse with others in the Community Center  provides  the needed space in our Ela Township community for people to gather.  The present Board has arranged for three major building projects without an increase in taxes or the need to issue bonds in the past 8 years.  Prouty assures that this kind of  pay-as-you-go management will continue under an Ela First administration.  The buildings are the Ela Township Hall which was built to house the Assessor, the Township Supervisor’s Office, the Social Worker and provide a meeting place for the whole community.  It replaces the old garage which used to be next to the Ela Historical Building. The new Concession Stand and washrooms provide comfort and shaded shelter for Knox Park.  None of these buildings required bonds, mortgages or tax increases.

Candidates for the Ela First party are Lucy Prouty with 22 years of Township Government experience -  8 as Supervisor.  She was elected to the Illinois Township Supervisors Board in 2009 and has served since 2012 on the Illinois State Board of Township Supervisors.  She will continue to provide services to our Seniors, Youth, disabled and those in need while maintaining her philosophy  of fiscal responsibility. 

Bill Donnan, present clerk,  has served the Township as Clerk  for 13 years and Trustee for 14 years.  He was President of the Township Officials of Lake County as well as the Retired Teachers of Lake County. His knowledge of government and leadership skills are outstanding and he has taken great care to ensure local government records and documents will always be of the highest quality.


John Barrington, Ela 1st  candidate as Township Assessor has 8 years experience in the Assessor’s office, 3 years as the assessor, but in addition he is a member of the International Association of Assessing Officers and the Illinois Assessors Association with over 250 hours of education in the assessment field. He is a two tour Iraq veteran where he was awarded the Combat Action Ribbon along with numerous other citations.  When he is not working with groups or individuals helping them understand their tax bills, he also serves as Commander of the Lake Zurich American Legion.

Bill Kruckenberg will be running as an Ela 1st candidate for Highway Commissioner.  With over 100 hours of Continuing Education in highway management, he is a certified member of the Township Highway Commissioners of Ill as well as being FEMA Management Certified .  He has 12 years experience as Ela Highway Commissioner and 30 years as a self employed contractor. 

Nancy Thompson Trustee Candidate , has completed the U of Il Township Officials of Ill. Leadership Training,.  A licensed Real Estate Broker for 37 years, she has been an Owner and Manager for more than half of that time. For 13 years she was a Trustee of the Rural Fire Protection District and has served on the Committee to bring Good Shepherd Hospital to the area for 11 years. 

Larry Bowman, incumbent Trustee Candidate, is the Founder and Director of clinical Operations for 3 centers of Children’s Therapy & Rehab Specialists, he currently serves on the Village of Kildeer Plan & Zoning Commission as well. He was the Chief Executive Officer and Director of National International Operations for AEC/Sterling. 

Jack Reck, candidate for Trustee, has been serving the community as an Ela Township Banker for 40 years.  During that time he was a commissioner of the Police and Fire Board, a life member of the Lions Club,  and he has been a member of the Chamber of Commerce for 30 years.


Lynn O’Brian is the only Trustee Candidate who is not an incumbent.  She is co-founder and Owner of Women’s Physical Therapy Institute and is currently on the Board for Love INC.  Also she has served on the Boards of Lake Zurich Chamber of Commerce, Government Affairs Committee of the Chamber, lead instructor and on the investment panel of YEA and Co-founder of the areas largest all women networking group.

This news release was provided by Ela First. 

James Hutchins March 07, 2013 at 04:09 AM
Ela is one of the only townships in this state that is able to budget, plan and pay for repairs and building without just "borrowing" money through selling bonds and "kicking the can" of debt down the road. This group has a great balance of experience, genuine concern for the township, and fiscal responsibility. I wish them all the best!
Diane March 07, 2013 at 01:36 PM
Ela first has proven themselves trustworthy with their leadership and time in office. This election is a clear choice why would you want to start new with people who have served before there is a comfort level in the fact that they have done a good job I don't want to roll the dice on anyone else!
Don't Change Ela March 07, 2013 at 02:08 PM
I am one to say there should be NO changes at all in Ela. Like James said above they know how to do things with there budget and not barrow money. Plus there are plenty of skeletons in this other group of morons. Most of all the guy that wants to take the job from Kruckenberg. So tell us all Mr. Abbott Why Don't You Work For The Township Anymore?????? HMMM INTERESTING IF YOU ASK ME
Crimek March 08, 2013 at 06:19 PM
There would be no point to ask Mr. Abbott any questions unless you don't mind getting alot of half-truths or outright lies. I have read and heard things he is saying around town and I have to admit, he can spin the BS as well as any crooked politian. He probably thinks no one would know he is lying about his accomplishments and/or qualifications for highway commissioner....but he would be wrong. Plenty of township residents know the truth and will say so at the voting booths. Have a little self respect Mr. Abbott and try to run on true merit...if you can
Anonymous March 08, 2013 at 07:21 PM
Ela First has been serving the community impeccably. There is no need to change that leadership. I myself have also been asking why the tax reform party wants to be on the township board? And why doesn't Mr. Abbott work at the township anymore? That is alarming. They have no experience or good ideas- so why even bother running and wasting everyone's time and their own money? I guess they will find out the hard way after the election.


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