Chestnut Corners, Knox Park to Get Lightning Detection Systems

A cooperative effort between the village, Ela Township and the Lake Zurich Baseball/Softball Association is making the safety measures possible.

As spring approaches, so does the potential for dangerous weather, including tornadoes, thunderstorms and lightning.

That’s why a joint effort between the , and the to install more lightening prediction systems is timed just right.

and are the two newest parks that soon will receive the systems. The village is responsible for Chestnut Corners/Hunters Creek Park, while Ela Township approved funding for the system at Knox Park last fall.

Lightning detection systems already are installed at Lions, Paulus, Braemar and Staples parks.

“The systems have strobe light signals and horns that warn people in and near the park of potential lightning strikes,” said Parks and Recreation Director Mike Perkins.

Once they are activated, a 15-second horn blast occurs, followed by a flashing strobe light. When these signals are activated, it is suggested that safe shelter be sought immediately.

When the threat is over, the system sounds three five-second horn blasts, and the strobe light flashes cease.

The lightning predication systems are activated from early spring to late fall and normally will be tested the first Tuesday of the month after the tornado test sirens.

The cost per system is roughly $4,000, Perkins said. But a $1,200 contribution in the fall by the to the Parks and Recreation Department will offset part of the cost of the system at Chestnut Corners/Hunters Creek Park.


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