Train Blamed for Cuba Marsh Fire

The cause of the blaze was confirmed by Lake County Forest Preserve officials.

A Canadian National Railway train is said to have sparked the Cuba Marsh Forest Preserve fire on June 25. 

Lake County Forest Preserve officials say it's not uncommon for sparks from the train rolling across the tracks to start a wildfire, especially in dry weather. 

The blaze burned 50 acres of Cuba Marsh with no damage to any structures. Two fire departments, the Lake County Wildland Wildfire Response Team and District staff responded. No injuries were reported. 

"The response team came prepared and educated and set a backburn to limit the wildfire from burning more acreage," said Jim Anderson, Natural Resource Manager with the Lake County Forest Preserve District. "Several years of collaboration with the fire departments has paid off as they responded perfectly and readily accepted our assistance."

It's unclear if any animals were injured in the fire, however Environmental Communications Specialist Allison Frederick said wild animals know how to respond when fire starts. 

"Animals are adaptive to burns," Frederick said. "They feel the heat and they move out of the area."

All trails are back open at Cuba Marsh, and Citizens Park is once again open to the public. 


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