Clown Goes on a Rampage, Man Blames Burgers for DUI

A look at weird crimes in the Chicago area.

By Emily Stone and David MacLean

OMG PD is on vacation for the holiday weekend, so we're taking a look back at some of our favorite weird crimes from the past few months.

Irrational fear confirmed for thousands

Lake Bluff Police received a report of a person wearing a clown mask throwing items from the driver’s side of a black pickup truck.

Gnome wishes expression was 'stealing everything but the garden gnome’

A Glenview resident told police that a marble sink countertop stored in her yard had been damaged, and that several gnome figures went missing from her garden. The estimated loss is $600.

White Castle's new slogan: Our burgers are intoxicating

A Des Plaines man was pulled over in Niles after police said they saw him driving 50 mph in a 35 mph zone. When they stopped him, the officer could smell alcohol on his breath, according to the report. The driver said he had not had anything to drink, but had eaten a few burgers at White Castle. He showed impairment on field sobriety tests and was charged with DUI

She also accidentally typed in 'bomb making supplies' into Google instead of 'gorgeous sunrise'

A Lake Bluff police officer responded to a 911. The resident said she meant to dial 411 but accidentally dialed 911.

The difference between drunk suburban biker and horror movie not as big as you might think

A Northfield resident called police at 2 a.m. to report that a possibly intoxicated, bleeding man, holding a bicycle helmet was banging on doors and walls in hallways of an apartment building. Police found the man, a Northfield resident who didn't know the source of his injuries and lived in a different building.

Maybe it was getting a pedi-pedi

A Glencoe Nails employee reported that there was a chipmunk in the store. Officers were able to remove the chipmunk.

Where's the beef?

Niles police responded to a fight between a woman in her 50s said her son, 19, that originated when she did not get him any food when she went to Burger King.


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