This Barn Stood Where the Grounds Were, Are Private

Barn on this property stored livestock and used as an ice house.

The grounds of the Lake Zurich Golf Club once included a barn. The barn was used to house livestock and later as a place to store ice.

In the early days, the grounds of the golf course looked an awful lot like a farm. There were sheep, cows, horses, pigs, turkeys, chickens, ducks pheasants, peacocks, guinea hens and even a donkey on the property.

Horses pulled grass cutters to maintain the course. Then the barn was used as an ice house. Charley Wood claimed the local ice company was trespassing on the club's property, so the company agreed to fill the barn full of ice every year free-of-charge due to the infringement.

Wood also had a fierce dog chained near the gate to discourage the curious and the idle. New club members were often bitten when they tried to get friendly. Only Fred Beusching, caretaker, could get close to the dog, but that's because he fed it.

At one time, the sheep were used to keep the grass low. Greens and fairways were were about the same, but the greens were cut with a hand mower.

The barn burned to the ground in 1962. 


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