Thank You, Ms. Somers!

Plastic debris: a serious threat to our oceans and our waistlines


Little did we think that when plastic bottles and containers first arrived on the scene so many years ago, they would ultimately threaten the quality of our vast oceans.

For me, it was mind boggling to learn of the huge areas of ugly debris that have been created in several areas of our seas.

This 80-year-old native of Chicagoland still remembers that magical moment when she was around 10 or so and traveled to the coast and breathed in the fresh salty scent of sea air. What a thrill!

And they say that oceans are the source of all life forms! To learn that our majestic oceans are covered in certain areas by bobbing blankets of disgusting plastic waste is hard to bear. Generally speaking, I've come to view plastic containers negatively.

And now this! In her article "Suzanne Somers Uncovers 7 Hidden Diet Saboteurs", Ms. Somers writes about those utilitarian plastic objects that are found throughout our homes. Those seemingly innocent plastic containers and what have you contain toxins that can slow our metabolism and make us fat!

Yes, just this morning I read that regardless of my efforts to determine the calorie count on almost everything I pick up at the grocery, those treacherous plastic containers lurking in almost every room in my home are sabotaging my efforts.

Well, finally I have an explanation! It's not large portions, insufficient exercise or lack of discipline after all. It's those sneaky diet saboteurs emitting their poisons that slow down my metabolism. Sounds like I'm off the hook and it's all clear... Well...maybe to some extent!

This bears further investigation...Okay, it's unlikely that switching to glass containers in itself will solve my weight problems. Still I want to thank Ms. Somers for her alert.

Who knows? An awareness that plastic can emit toxins that contribute to weight gain may have more impact than I think. Perhaps this will slow down our accumulation of ocean debris.

It certainly is a new approach. And I want to be a believer!

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Susan Richardson April 04, 2012 at 06:02 PM
Thanks to your Blog, I have more respect for water that comes from my kitchen faucet!We should remember that evian spelled backwards means naive and reminds that we should never stop educating ourselves about the hazards that can harm our metabolisms and our precious water supply!
Jennifer April 04, 2012 at 06:18 PM
Thanks to your blog. This is definately an eye opener for me. I had no idea this was happening to our oceans. I Will try to slow down the amount of plastic products in my home and hopefully that may speed up my metabolism.


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