Lake Zurich Officers Recognized for Seatbelt Enforcement

IDOT gave police officers awards for writing more than 1,000 citations for not using seatbelts

Illinois has one of the highest rates of seatbelt use in the nation, at 93 percent, said Lt. John Gomoll, law enforcement liaison for the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT). And Lake Zurich Police officers are doing their part in ensuring seatbelt use continues to rise. 

Gomoll presented awards to two Lake Zurich officers, Scott Frost and Shaun Knight, at the village board meeting, Monday night. The officers were recognized for writing more than 1,000 seatbelt citations. 

"These awards could also be life saving awards," Gomoll said. 

"Seven percent are still not wearing seatbelts. From time to time, some child loses a parent, and quite sadly, some parent loses a child who was not properly buckled in," Gomoll said. "We need police officers to write tickets that will force behavioral change that will save lives."


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