North Suburban Man Gets Life for Sex Slavery Operation

Chicagoland news to talk about: Legalized marijuana, concealed carry could be decided in lame duck session.

forced labor, harboring illegal aliens, confiscating passports to further forced labor and extorting four foreign women whom he mentally and physically abused while forcing them to work for him, the U.S. Attorney’s Office and Justice Department announced.  

“The seriousness of Campbell’s crimes cannot be overstated, nor could the government put into words the magnitude of harm or the life-altering consequences of Campbell’s actions," prosecutors argued in urging a life sentence, according to a press release from the Justice Department.

It's considered a lame duck session, but Illinois lawmakers will be scrambling to decide the fate of several hot-button issues, including possibly legalizing medical marijuana, when they reconvene in the statehouse on Tuesday. Part of HB 30 includes the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act, allowing qualified patients under medical care to buy and use up to 2.5 ounces pot during a two-week period. Currently, 18 other states have legalized the medicinal marijuana under doctor supervision. Overall, laws against the drug have been softening: in November's general election, both Washington and Colorado passed unprecedented ballot measures legalizing recreational pot usage. 

Chicago community leaders have formed a new coalition to help keep Illinois the lone state that bans concealed carry, running in direct opposition to a vocal bipartisan minority downstate that wants to see the ban lifted.

Monday, the "Stop Concealed Carry Coalition" announced it would fight any bill that would legalize carrying concealed firearms in Illinois, according to the Chicago Tribune. The Illinois legislature's veto session starts Tuesday, where lawmakers could vote on a bill that would end the state's ban on concealed weapons. In early November, nine, mostly rural, counties voted on non-binding ballot measures that supported concealed carry in Illinois.Wisconsin ended its concealed carry ban in 2011, leaving Illinois the last state with a ban. Chicago politics have typically leaned anti-gun, with many coalition members viewing Illinois' holdout status positively.

When Radovan Vojcic found photos of his dying father on Craigslist last month, he says he slammed his computer and broke the monitor. "To see a picture like that was unsettling," Vojcic said. "I see the picture pop up in my head at least five times a day." A year after Radovan Vojcic passed away at theLake Cook Health Care Center his son found photos of the dying man at the nursing home on Craigslist, along with insulting remarks, CBS Chicago reports.

The Jovcic family has filed a civil lawsuit against Northbrook's Lake Cook Health Care Center after photos of Radovan's dying father appeared on Craigslist in October.

As residents and visitors walked through North School Park this weekend, many focused on what was included in the holiday display rather than what was not. “Just look at the Dreidels,” Dana Foley said, “I can see how religions are not fully represented.” A longtime resident of Arlington Heights, Foley said her two children always love to see the holiday display but she’s questioned the inequality it represents.

John C Thomson November 28, 2012 at 09:41 PM
Support the right to conceal carry.
Stevie Janowski November 29, 2012 at 10:05 PM
Something right out of Joe Dirt


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