Searching Solo May Slow You Down

Accelerate Your Search for a New Job in 2011.

I recently decided to change health clubs. My last club was quite posh and very expensive. I reasoned that my health was worth the expense. After considering the membership fees at Fitness 19 in Lake Zurich, I joined.

Yesterday I had a great workout – the kind you finish and pant, "Wow. Who was that?"  For years my time on the treadmill averaged 5.5 miles per hour. At Fitness 19, however, I was amazed to find that my average time jumped to 7.0 miles per hour. That's a 27% increase! I have to ask myself, "What's the difference?"

The difference is peer pressure. The treadmills are much closer together at Fitness 19 and I find I'm energized by the people running next to me. I take a sideways glance at the guy next to me and if he's doing seven miles an hour, you betcha I'm going to do the same or better!

So what does this have to do with job search you ask?

Too many people do job search in isolation, hiding behind a keyboard and applying to jobs online for weeks and weeks. By searching solo, they miss out on the many benefits of working with an accountability or support group:

  • The friendly competition and the extra motivation that can push you to do more than you thought you could
  • The accountability for doing what you committed to do
  • The exchange of useful information about best job search practices
  • The emotional connection and encouragement that comes from people who know what you're up against
  • The ability to contribute and help someone else through the challenges of job search
  • The energy that comes from getting out of the house and meeting with people

Will you commit to joining a job search support group or accountability group in January? I know it will accelerate your job search and help you land sooner.

For a detailed calendar of job search groups and events in our area, check out:  http://calendars.techvenue.com/cgi-bin/techvenue.pl?CalendarName=NIJC&Op=ShowIt, the Northern Illinois Calendar of Job Clubs and Career Events. This calendar lists several job search events each day and links for information. Their mission is that everyone who uses their resource will "ultimately benefit somehow from the people they meet – especially during such a stressful time in life when many hold on to hope and prayer."

Hope your job search moves at 100 miles per hour in 2011!

See you at Fitness 19.

Your neighbor and career coach,



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