Raging Kitchen Food Truck Rolls through Lake County

Pulled pork tacos, messy barbecue and Teriyaki lobster rolls are just a few of the menu items served out of the Raging Kitchen food truck.

At last, a welcome addition to Lake County roads—the Raging Kitchen food truck, and it may be coming to a curb near you!

Unleashed last fall, Raging Kitchen is a restaurant on wheels offering private catering and bookings for school and corporate events, as well as curbside service in different communities including Deerfield, Lake Forest, Libertyville, Mundelein, Northbrook and Vernon Hills.

If you're lucky, you too can feel the rage by checking their website to find out where the truck will be during your next lunch break.

Menu offerings include pork tacos, barbecue, beef brisket, lobster roles, chili lime turkey, veggie wraps, cheesy mac, "Chicago" fries and more.

Raging Kitchen is operated by Mundelein-based Ruprecht Company, which sells meats to national stores like Costco and Trader Joe’s, according to a recent story in Pioneer Press.

"There are not a lot of restaurants near the vital parts of Lake County,” food truck manager and cook Christi Dallam told the Mundelein Review. “People either spend a lot of money at nearby places or spend most of their lunch breaks driving somewhere. We offer a more fun, better quality alternative that’s still affordable."

Get your rage on! Learn more at www.ragingkitchen.com. Check them out on Facebook, too.

In fact, here is a sampling of what customers have been saying:

"First time finding the truck today. Amazing food!!!!"

"I'm a huge fan of the pork tacos, sooooo good, and thank you for using boxes made from paper instead of styrofoam."

"Fantastic breakfast! Home fries were AMAZING!"

"A golden find today..."

"Delicious lunch and fresh donuts!"

"Fantastic fish tacos and spicy chicken wings today!"

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