Lake Zurich Company is Finalist in Chicago Innovation Awards

Champion Medical Technologies nominated for RecallConnect system, that alerts patients at risk of a recalled medical device.

Champion Medical Technologies (CMT) of Lake Zurich, is one of the top 75 finalists for the prestigious 2012 Chicago Innovation Awards reflecting a cross section of the Chicago and surrounding regions’ business communities. The final ten winners will be announced Monday, October 22 and celebrated at an event with over 1,500 business and civic leaders at Chicago’s Harris Theater.

The Chicago Innovation Awards, celebrating its 11th year, is the only organization in the country dedicated to honoring the most innovative new products or services brought to market or to public service from a specific region. This year almost 400 nominations were received.

The innovation nominated by Champion Medical Technologies is RecallConnect™, a recall matching system that provides hospitals recall notifications electronically through CMT’s hospital subscription internet service and locates them in real-time to current and historic hospital inventory, including individual patients. RecallConnect™ is an important innovation in healthcare because “the distressing reality is that we can identify and remove tainted peanut butter and dog food from the market before it reaches consumers, but healthcare patients are at risk of a recalled medical device used in their treatment because there is no way to quickly and reliably locate a recalled device,” said Blair Childs, Senior Vice President for Public Affairs of Premier Healthcare Alliance. RecallConnect™ allows hospitals to locate recalled devices in seconds.

“The most important message of the Chicago Innovation Awards is one of confidence and courage,” said Thomas D. Kuczmarski, co-founder with Chicago journalist Dan Miller of the awards. “The economy is challenging but each nominee believes the simple truth that a powerful new product or service will find a rewarding market and has the courage to pursue their vision.”

As one of the Top 75 finalists, Champion Medical Technologies will receive a scholarship to attend a day-long executive education program on September 18th titled “The Practical Innovator”, taught at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. It is a full-day executive education course teaching the practical skills of innovation.

This year 13 judges, representing a range of Chicago’s business community, will be involved in an exhaustive and complex judging process to select the final ten winners of the Chicago Innovation Awards as well as ten “Up & Comer” award winners for smaller organizations still in the start-up phases of their innovations. In addition, each of the 75 finalists is automatically in the running for the annual “People’s Choice Award,” selected through online balloting at www.chicagoinnovationawards.com.

About Champion Medical Technologies 
Champion Medical Technologies is an applied information technology company dedicated to revolutionizing how the medical industry tracks valuable inventory. Champion Medical Technologies has more than 25 years of software design and development experience in healthcare and more than 20 years of experience in tissue graft and medical device storage, distribution, and tracking. Their services include GraftTracker® (tissue tracking software), UDITracker® (implant tracking software) and RecallConnect™ (recall management system). Additional information is available atwww.championmt.com.

This news release was submitted by Champion Medical Technologies.


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