Hawthorn Woods Sustainability Guru Helps Homeowners Go Green

Lake Zurich lacrosse coach starts business that , saves homeowners money on energy and conserve resources.



Sustainability is a journey, said Jeff Peterson; it's about balancing your current needs with the needs of future generations.

Peterson, 26, of Hawthorn Woods, recently started Sustainability Guru Services, a consulting business which helps homeowners and offices save energy and create a healthier living and working environment. Peterson is also the assistant coach for the Lake Zurich High School Freshman/Sohphomore Boys Lacrosse team. 

“There are lots of small overlooked things that can make the biggest difference. I look at small things that can contribute to wasting energy and can save quite a bit on energy bills,” he said.

A couple of tips from Peterson:

  • Insulating hot water pipes is a very easy way  to prevent heat loss form water tanks.
  • Putting baby proof plugs in outlets prevents cold air from seeping in.
  • Using vinegar for cleaning contributes to a healthier environment. Peterson said the average home has about 5,000 different chemicals in the air.

Peterson’s journey towards a green career began in college. Peterson, a 2005 graduate of attended the College of Lake County and Butler University in Indiana.

“I’ve always been environmentally conscious. I was raised that way. But what really got me was my sophomore year in college when I took a class in environmental science. It opened my eyes to a whole bunch of environmental issues facing our planet and convinced me I need to do something.” Peterson said.

“I’m doing this for a healthy future for the next generation,” he said.

The idea for his business was sparked when he was was volunteering at his church, Willow Creek Community Church, and helping find ways to save energy and recycle. 

He decided he wanted to make a living helping people become greener.  Peterson has a bachelor’s degree in science, technology and society from Butler University. He is also accredited as a LEED Green Associate and is a member of the National Association of Green Specialists. 

For a consultation contact Peterson at (847) 612-6616 or check out his website Sustainability Guru Services.



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