Rihanna Is a Flirt at Heart

This 8-year-old girl knows how to get your attention.



Hi there, folks! It’s Me! Rihanna! And if I do say so myself, I’m quite a good-looking girl! And if you don’t mind a little kitty flirting, then you and I will get along famously.


I am about 8-years-old, and a complete sweetie pie. I am relatively mellow and friendly, and I just adore TLC. Yes, I am a love hog and a flirt, I will admit. I can’t help it if a beauty like me enjoys to be told just how beautiful I am! I also enjoy snuggling up with you, being brushed, playtime, and whatever other sort of love you would like to bestow upon me! And you won’t be able to resist petting my butter-soft coat!


I enjoy the company of other kitties and all the volunteers at Young at Heart Pet Rescue – everyone loves me! I’m quite the character and "the life of the party"! I absolutely love my toys and scaling the cat trees at the adoption center  is my favorite past time. 


I use my litter box like a good girl, I’m spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. My bloodwork says I’m a healthy girl. So fill out an adoption application today. I’d love to go home with you tomorrow!


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