Reba Will Quietly Steal Your Heart

Mellow yellow Labrador mix is ready to keep you company.

Shhh...I'm being very very quiet. My name is Reba, and I am a very quiet girl who is waiting for a forever home.

I am a sweet yellow lab mix about 8 years old or so. My ears came from the “mix” part of my background, as they are not lab ears! But they're cute and very expressive. My nickname is Mellow Yellow because I am super low-key and very well-behaved. I stand at the back door to go out and lightly tap on it to come back in (so as not to actually scratch, which could be damaging; you see, I have excellent manners). I don't get on the furniture or into anything, even when the humans leave. Yes, I am completely trustworthy in the house.

I like to be near where you are so I will wait patiently (and quietly, of course) outside the door while you take a shower and then follow you around the house. I like to play with stuffed toys and will catch them if thrown to me. I also catch treats really well. I like treats and I like food. I will watch you eat but won't actually beg because that would be rude and I was taught to be gracious.

I really enjoy being outside in this nice weather, so it would ideal if I could have a yard of my own to hang out in. I'm very gentle on leash and calm in the car. I like other dogs just fine and even those little noisy, hyper ones don't rile me at all. I would love to have a forever home. I'm so easy, you only need to love me a little and I will love you back a lot, in my calm way. I made it out of the shelter due to my Good Behavior and I'm sure I can make my way into your heart with it too!

I’d be an excellent companion for pretty much anyone who loves dogs. I’m healthy and already spayed, up-to-date on my vaccinations, and microchipped. My adoption fee of $165 allows Young at Heart Pet Rescue to help other older dogs and cats like me get a second chance at a happily ever after. Just fill out an adoption application to arrange a visit.

Let’s enjoy quiet mornings together!


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