Fun Earth Day Activities for the Family

Ideas on how to protect and enjoy our planet

Earth Day is coming up on Monday and it's the perfect time to reflect on how to protect our planet as well as have fun celebrating with the family. From simple tips to help your family go green, to baking Earth Day treats, to starting your own garden, to recycling crafts, here are a few the best ideas and activities I’ve seen to celebrate Earth Day this year.

Tips to Help the Family Go Green

    SimpleMom.com put together a very thorough post on 
40 Tips to Go Greener at Home.

Here are 5 Fun Ways to Help Your Family Go Green for Earth Day.

SheKnows.com had some good ideas on teaching the kids to celebrate Earth Day.

Earth Day Fun & Games

    There is no better way to celebrate our Earth than by digging in the dirt. 
Teach your kids to garden with these fun tips and projects.

On Earth Day, The Nature Conservancy is asking people to get outside and join the world’s largest picnic celebration, Picnic for the Planet. Join millions of other families as they celebrate the joys of nature. Check their website to find picnics already planned in many major cities or plan your own. Here are my tips on how to plan a perfect family picnic. Remember to leave no trace in the park. Pick up after yourselves.

Recycle your old crayons and turn them into Heart Shaped Earth Day Crayons, courtesy of the TSJ Photography blog.


Earth Day Treats

    TidyMom.com made some super cute 
Earth Day cookies. Click over and see how she made them.

These Earth Day Chocolate Cupcakes from Dessarts.com look so yummy.


What are you going to do with the family to celebrate Earth Day?


For more tips and ideas on how to celebrate Earth Day, check out my Earth Day Board on Pinterest. 



Sue Kirchner is a family fun coach, blogger, kids party planner, and weekly contributor to Patch.com. Sue and her family fun ideas have been featured on TV, newspapers, magazines, blogs, as well as her own family fun site ChocolateCakeMoments.com.

Sean G. April 17, 2013 at 12:06 PM
I like to take the time on Earth Day to explain to my children what a mess our progressive politicians have made of our society. I like to remind my kids that Earth Day indirectly has brought them fewer choices and freedoms with the low flow toilet and no choice in the light bulbs they can use. I show them my stock pile of incandescent bulbs enough to last us about 100 years. I warn them of all the mercury that will leach into our drinking water after all the CFL bulbs are discarded into the landfills. I like to talk of time when gas was 1.87 a gallon and how it used to cost $20 for a tank of gas that now cost $40. I direct the older kids to read about how Agenda 21, the EPA, and the man-made global warming hoax will all continue to increase regulation, costs, and limit their freedoms as they enter into young adulthood. Finally, I want my kids to recognize the different forms Humanism and the inherent dangers of Humanism because that is what Earth Day, Earth Hour, and all the other Earth Holidays really are is - Humanism. I want then to think critically and identify today's hoaxes much like my generation had to put up with the hoaxes being taught in my school when I was their age (acid-rain, global cooling, pollution blocking the sun). I think Earth Day is a good time to remind our kids that our environment is a gift and should be taken care of as such under the guiding principals of Jesus Christ.
MIKE April 17, 2013 at 10:28 PM
To Dan. It's interesing how you complain about how your chlidren are suspicious of corperations and probably other things. Well did you even bother to sit them down to explain that not all is as bad as it seems? I'm sure if you have a good relationship with them and are decent enough they'll probably take into consideration your feeling on these things.


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