Fans Blast Cubs’ Owner’s Plan to Defeat Obama

Shoppers at Deerfield Square sound off on $10 million soft money advertising plan.

Shoppers at were not ready to abandon their loyalty to the Chicago Cubs over owner Joe Rickets’ plans to spend $10 million to finance an effort to produce negative advertising criticizing President Barack Obama.

The same people expressed anger that one person, in this case Rickets, would spend so much money to affect the outcome of the Presidential election by purchasing advertising at the time of the Democratic Convention in September attacking the President.

The controversy broke Thursday morning when the New York Times published a story disclosing the plan hatched between Rickets and Republican political professionals. Later Thursday, Rickets backed off some of the more controversial parts of the proposal.

Lou Zale of Deerfield was not happy with the idea. It’s a shame Mr. Rickets feels he can affect the outcome of the election with his money,” Zale said. He was quick to let his social leanings be known. “I would like to see the bottom third doing better than they are now.”

When it comes to his loyalty to the Cubs, that will not change for a person who remembers taking the El from his home on the west side of Chicago to Wrigley Field as a boy.

“I have fond memories of ditching school to go to Wrigley Field when there were 7,000 people in the stands and there were only 16 teams,” he said.

Jacob Deleon of Northbrook found himself in more of a dilemma after learning about Rickets’ idea. “I’m conflicted,” he said. “I’m a Cubs fan but I support President Obama.”

Scott Rush of Deerfield had little problem with feelings for the Cubs but did not like the idea of one person having so much influence on the election.

“I grew up in Cleveland. I’m an Indians fan,” Rush said. “I do not like the idea Rickets can affect the outcome of the election. It should be done by all Americans.”

Leslie Gordon put a more intellectual spin on Rickets plan to let his money control the outcome of the election. He blames the Citizens United case decided by the United States Supreme Court which loosened rules on political donations.

“This all started with Citizens United where people and corporations can give unlimited contributions,” Gordon said. “It lets corporate dollars buy an election.”

Anne Boguslavsky of Deerfield had some strong words for Rickets. “It’s sacrilegious,” she said. “It’s an abomination.”

DaddyO May 18, 2012 at 01:42 PM
I may or may not vote for Obama, but I can tell you with certainty that all my cubs shirts and hats will be going in the trash this weekend. Its hard enough supporting the Cubs without the owner trying to affect a Presidential election with his money. Join me in my boycott of the Chicago Cubs.


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